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Fly with Bitcoin

Today, for the first time, I payed for a flight with Bitcoin. I’m traveling from Finland back to Germany with AirBaltic. They offer common payment options from wire transfer over credit card to–yes!–bitcoin. Most options come with a fee: €6.0 for PayPal, €2.5 for credit cards, but Bitcoin is free.

I had to enter my national ID number and my full name to identify my payment in case of a refund. I was redirected to a bitcoin payment processor for businesses. (BitPay) They asked for my email, again, before I was able to copy the amount and target address into a transaction from my bitcoin wallet. I entered my pin and the transaction was on it’s way.

The transaction cost me €1.5 in fees (to the bitcoin network), which is cheaper than the other options and the effort was similar to using a credit card. I hope that only the airBaltic and BitPay can link the payment to me. The transaction is only pseudonymous to third parties like you.