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Three things I learned at TEDxVasa and "Harvest"

“Ideas worth sharing” is the slogan of TED talks, an amazing series of events where people can present their–often world-changing–ideas. TEDx is the independent version of TED, which anyone can organize in their hometown. The HARVEST event is organized by VES, the Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society, a student union with focus on business and technology. Here, businesses can present themselves to students and vice-versa. These events were taking place in Vaasa last friday, and i spent some time at both of them. Because this TEDx was invite only, I went to the public livestream at a local cinema.

“Harvest gathers together future-oriented companies, students from all the six universities [of Vaasa] and engaging keynote speakers.” —HARVEST website

I recognize the difficulty of organizing events like these and want to thank the responsible people for the effort they put into it. Nevertheless, here are three things that could be improved:

1. Make a program and publish it everywhere

I don’t enjoy sitting in a dark room all day to be surprised by talks that don’t interest me. I looked for TEDx Vaasa’s program on their Website, Facebook page, Facebook event, searched Google, and of course in the cinema where the livestream was taking place. Nothing. Instead they pasted the speaker’s names all over the place. While they had interesting personalities, TED’s slogan is not “People worth listening to” but “Ideas worth sharing.”

2. Use a normal projector to display slides

At HARVEST they used an array of LEDs as replacement for the classical screen & projector. This meant seeing every single pixel and it made smaller text unreadable. If you really have to use LEDs, make it clear to your speakers that they cannot use small fonts, thin lines or detailed graphics on their slides.

3. Have something to say

This goes to some of the speakers who held long talks about “digital innovation.” Don’t talk for the sake of talking. I want to listen to your expertise, experience or problems, not coffee-table philosophy about the digital age.

“TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.” —TEDxVasa website

That’s it for now. Please excuse me for only mentioning the pain points. I am excited to have been at both events and recommend going there.



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