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The temples of Bagan

Around Bagan, one of the best known places in Myanmar, about 3000 temples are scattered across a dry, sandy plain.
They were built out of bricks between 11 and 13-hundred AD, artfully painted from the inside, some on the edge of falling apart. Others were freely reconstructed from ruins, while the (due to their size) most impressive ones undergo renovating efforts, making them currently unspectacular from the inside.

Most paintings are badly preserved, but you can take a look at some surviving parts, that remained on the walls.

Through very narrow stairways, you can ascend to the medium sized temples’ roof-balconys and enjoy a better view over the plain. Although some are guarded by wild bees, most can be climbed without trouble.

Because western food is rare, i included a picture of WeatherSpoon’s Burger in Nyaung U. Mandalay Rum with lime and ginger is also worth a try.

Ballooning, Bagan’s upper class trendsport, should give a nice view over the temples at sunset. I saw them landing on a sandbank while waiting for the ferry to Mandalay.



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